Sponsor for 2010 

The Beehive Stingers could be inline for a new sponsor next season with potentially a new kit on the horizon. Negotiations however are very much in the early stages with nothing signed but the outlook is promising.

If a major sponsor was to be affiliated with the club, say for example Plumb-Rite of Aberdare, then the club could decide how they would like the money to be spent. Obviously with sponsoring a team comes having the sponsors company logo on the shirts. 

Currently the Stingers wear an array of plain shirts and a few older ones with past sponsors on them. A decision would then have to be made as to whether or not it is worth investing totally in a new kit or keeping the plain white shirts and buying a few new ones. Alternatively the money could be spent on equipment and a new team mini-bus. 

Below are some examples of potential 2010 season kits with Kukri.

Design 1 

Design 2


Design 3


Design 4