Mervs 'Sting' the Stingers

A balmy evening and a stellar cast provided a fascinating contest that, thanks largely to David Ireland and Liam Derrick’s batting influence and a collective abysmal performance in the field from the Stingers, was edged eventually by the Mervs.

Yet a crowd of 1 was another disappointing attendance for this year’s midweek clash, especially because there was certainly no shortage of marquee players to attract a bigger attendance, yet the Lions playing against the Golden Lions in South Africa kept the crowd away.

The best batting for the Mervs came from David Ireland (55), Liam Derrick (49) and Gareth Ireland (39). A string of errors from the Stingers outfield, Timothy Griffiths and Samuel George in particular, gifted the Mervs with a host of extra runs. After their innings, the Stingers were chasing a colossal 202 to win.

The Stingers opened the batting with Lee Van-Baaren hitting a respectable 31, but the collapse begun as Anthony Davies went for 1 and Simon Moore, Tim Griffiths and Mark Lewis all waddled off the field as quickly as they'd entered with ducks. This left the Stingers with as much chance of winning as Gordon Brown does finding an honest member in his party. The second half of the Lions game seemed in sight until Sam ‘Slogger’ George entered the field in the 11th over.

Sensational batting from young Sam, repaying with the bat what he failed to do in the field, raised a few eye brows as the challenge seemed back on. Smashing the Mervs bowlers left right and centre, George hit four 6’s and fourteen 4’s bringing his total to 93 before being caught behind. Unfortunately it all proved in vain as the task of reaching 32 off the last over proved too onerous for the Stingers and the Mervs held on to win by 17 runs.

This was the Mervs fourth straight victory in the league this year and, for that matter, the Stinger’s first defeat.