Update on Rules and information for the forth coming season

Few rules to look at:

1. 18 over matches throughout the season. At the last meeting we felt that 20 overs was too long for 1/2 of our season so it would be better to play all our games 18 overs.

2. Start of match remains 6.15 p.m

3. Home side to provide a good ball. Captains to agree on ball.

4. Wickets and bails available from Ynys. Please return to the Ynys after the game

5. Try not to play with spike shoes

6. Max 4 overs per bowler

7. All teams to send scoresheets to secretary by post  or email. Both sides to send forms not just the winning side.

8. Week 6 will be cup games then we will reverse the fixtures for the second half of the season.